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If you are new to bitcoin or need to purchase bitcoin, please see below or click the sections titled: What is Bitcoin? and How Can I get Bitcoin?

Coinbet.ag is a leading full service bitcoin and litecoin casino featuring the very best casino entertainment. When you deposit into Coinbet.ag your deposit is INSTANTLY credited into your account and when you withdraw your withdrawal is INSTANTLY credited to your wallet, subject to security features. INSTANT DEPOSITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS are the future of online gaming and Coinbet.ag features instant transactions today! It's your money and you should have full access to it anytime, there should be no delays, no document requests, just instant transactions and we assure you that you will enjoy this feature.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital cash. More specifically, bitcoin is an decentralized currency and payment network making it a new kind of money.

Bitcoin uses peer to peer technology to operate without a bank or any type of central authority. Transactions are managed and bitcoins are issued collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open source, with its design completely public therefore nobody or entity owns or controls bitcoin yet everyone can take part in bitcoin. Because of its unique properties, bitcoin allows for extremely fast transactions including INSTANT DEPOSITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS and a myriad of other exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system. With bitcoin you no longer have to wait for deposits to clear and company's to send you your money. If you deposit and win you can withdraw quickly. Bitcoins can be purchased for dollars, yen, and all other currencies through exchanges, further explained below. Litecoin follows a very similar process. Here is a short video on bitcoin:

How can I get bitcoin?

You can buy bitcoin from individuals that own bitcoin as well as sell them to anyone interested in buying them. The most common ways to acquire and sell bitcoins are through exchanges.

We highly recommend Localbitcoins.com and BitStamp.net to purchase bitcoins quickly for cash. You can purchase coins from these companies and also sell coins for cash to convert your coins back into your local currency at anytime.

How can I deposit and play once I get my bitcoin?

When you create your account on Coinbet.ag you will be given a unique deposit address for bitcoin deposits and a unique address for litecoin deposits. From your private wallet, Bitstamp.net wallet or any other wallet send the bitcoin and / or litecoin to the address you see at the top of the website when you are logged in. All of your deposits can be made to these addresses and they will be instantly credited to your account with zero confirmations received. Once you deposit bitcoin and / or litecoin into your address you are ready to play for real bitcoin and / or litecoin.

Why do you use bitcoin?

Bitcoin and litecoin offer unique advantages including near instant notification of receipt which means we can credit accounts instantly as well as no chargebacks which enables us to issue withdrawals instantly. This is real casino action, for real bitcoin and litecoin and once you use bitcoin for the first time you will see why bitcoin is the perfect fit for online gaming and Betcoin.